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Private Fee structure

Initial Consultation ( 45 - 60 minutes )

$193.99/ Hour

Review Consultation ( 30 - 45 minutes )

$193.99/ Hour

All medicare claims will cover $56.00 of your scheduled appointment fee. You will be required to provide your initial GPMP to access this discount. 

Check you private health insurance plan to see if you are eligible for private health rebates. 

NDIS Fee Structure

Core - Improved Daily Living 

$193.99/ Hour

Capacity Building -  Improved Daily Living 

$193.99/ Hour

Capacity Building - Improved Healh & Wellbeing 

$193.99/ Hour

Cancellation Policy

At The RealEat, we're committed to providing consistent, high-quality care. When appointments are missed, it not only affects our clinicians but also limits our ability to serve other clients effectively.

To help us maintain this commitment:

  • For Cancellations or Rescheduling: Please inform us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. This helps us manage our schedule and serve everyone better.

  • Less than 48 Hours Notice: Missing your appointment or cancelling within 48 hours may result in a charge for the full cost of the consultation. For home visits, this may include any planned travel costs.

  • Repeated Missed Appointments: We may need to charge the full fee of the initially scheduled consultation, including travel costs, for repeated instances.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that we can continue to provide the best care to all our clients. Thank you for being a valued part of The RealEat community.

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