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Private Fee structure

Initial Consultation ( 45 - 60 minutes )

$193.99/ Hour

Review Consultation ( 30 - 45 minutes )

$193.99/ Hour

All medicare claims will cover $56.00 of your scheduled appointment fee. You will be required to provide your initial GPMP to access this discount. 

Check you private health insurance plan to see if you are eligible for private health rebates. 

NDIS Fee Structure

Core - Improved Daily Living 

$193.99/ Hour

Capacity Building -  Improved Daily Living 

$193.99/ Hour

Capacity Building - Improved Healh & Wellbeing 

$193.99/ Hour

Cancellation Policy

Please note that at The Realeatitian we value consistent and high-quality intervention. Missed appointments disadvantage clinicians and other clients.

 If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, it is recommended it occur before 48 hours of your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. If you contact The Realeatitian within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment to request a cancellation or rescheduling, a cancellation fee of 65% of the consultation may be charged to your account. Failure to attend your appointment or contacting the Realeatitian within 24 hours to request cancellation or rescheduling of appointments will incur full consultation cost (Please note, if this consultation is a home visit, The Realeatitian may charge the planned travel time for the cancelled/ rescheduled appointment in addition to the planned consultation costs).  

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee, equivalent to the fee of the original scheduled consultation, including any travel time for repeat offenses.  

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Please send all enquiries to

Ph: 0435 196 584 l Fax: +613  8648 6399

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